55" OLED 4K UHD Smart TV

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55" OLED 4K UHD Smart TV

Model: OLED55B6T
Brand: LG

Special Price NPR 501,490

Regular Price: NPR 646,590

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Quick Overview

  • HDR - High Dynamic Range
  • Dolby Vision
  • No Backlight - Perfect Black
  • Smart TV Built-In
  • Netflix recommended TV
  • Enhanced Motion Clarity​
  • 1 Year Warranty


OLED TV - The Future of Television 
LG OLED TV redefines television to create a unique sense of realism. This is not just a new TV, this is a whole new category of Television. ​

Take the LG OLED TV Challenge 
LED/LCD TVs use a technology that includes a backlight, so black scenes are diluted by this lighting that often makes black look charcoal grey. LG OLED TV has no backlight. You'll see detail in dark scenes in movies that LED/LCD TVs just can't deliver. 

Take the LG OLED TV Challenge in store today and see the difference for yourself.

Self-lighting Pixel 
The key to OLED TVs incredible picture quality is the way light is produced. OLED has self lighting pixels, as opposed to backlighting used in LED/LCD TV’s. This means the pixels can switch on and off individually, only producing light where it’s required.

Perfect Black. Explosive Colour 
With no backlight, no other TV can beat the perfect black of OLED. The perfectly black background propels incredibly explosive colours. In fact, a billion colours. It's just brilliant.

Infinite Contrast 
Stars shine the brightest in the pitch black sky. LG OLED TVs have an infinite contrast ratio, so it displays brilliant whites to the deepest black for an enhanced sense of realism. Higher contrast is better, and Infinite has been impossible… until OLED.

4K Ultra HD
With 8.3 million pixels, LG 4K UHD TV provides you with incredibly detailed and crisp pictures. It's the combination of OLED technology with 4K Ultra High Definition that makes for a truly special viewing experience.

HDR - High Dynamic Range 
HDR enhances the graduation of contrast in the light and dark areas of an image as well as the colour to create a new level of realism. It’s possible through the advancement of cinema cameras in the last few years, which now enable cinematographers to capture scenes in multiple ways, and blend them together.

Plays Both HDR-10 and DOLBY VISION Content
Dolby Vision takes HDR to the extreme. Look for movies and TV shows in Dolby Vision, streamed on Netflix, that takes HDR footage to a whole new level. The picture is dynamically optimised scene by scene to deliver refined detail, natural contrast and stunning colour. 

Sound Designed by harman/kardon®
This TV series boasts highly refined sound quality, realised in collaboration with harman/kardon, one of the leading audio solutions in the industry. 

Enhanced Motion Clarity 
The pixels on the LG OLED TV turn on 1000 times faster than LG LED/LCD TVs, allowing you to enjoy fast moving scenes with minimal blur. If you love watching fast moving sport, you'll love watching it on an OLED TV. 

Smart TV Built-In 
LG brings you an incredible range of streamed content with webOS 3.0 Smart TV⁽¹⁾ including Netflix, Stan, ABC iView and YouTube. Plus, it’s built-in, without the need for a set top box or media player connected by cable.

Netflix is one of the world's leading internet television networks with a huge range of popular content, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Members⁽¹⁾ can watch as much as they want, when they want.

Download the Stan App
Download the Stan app for eligible LG Smart TV and Smart Blu-Ray models. Just one of the many apps available on LG Smart TV.

Catch up on your favourite shows at a time that suits you is easy with FreeviewPlus™!⁽²⁾ Simply press the green button on your remote control to start. Watch the video to see how you can access FreeviewPlus™ on your LG Smart TV.

Magic Remote
Pointing, Wheel, and Voice – an easy yet highly advanced TV remote, that can also act as a Universal Remote. Take control of your entertainment experience.

6 Step Upscaling 
With the 6 step Ultra HD Upscaler Engine, all content is powerfully upscaled even closer to ULTRA HD quality, for clearer, more striking images.⁽³⁾


Brand LG
Analog AV Out No
HDMI Yes (2)
PC Input No
Sound Output (RMS) 20W + 20W
USB Yes (Music + Photo + Movie)
Response Time 5ms
Resolution 3840 x 2160p
Screen Size 65"
Power Supply 110~240V 50-60Hz

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